Tech Days 2013

Cupcakes 500X375

This was the first Tech Days event that I have been to, so I was looking forward to it. I enjoyed the day and I think that Microsoft did a good job of organising it. There were almost 1000 attendees and it is officially the biggest tech event in Switzerland.

The main focus of the event and also the focus of the keynote was twofold, firstly on azure and the new features for this. Secondly on promoting Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013 and the new features for creating windows apps. To celebrate the official launch of Visual Studio 2013, which was to be the next day, they had baked a lot of official Visual Studio cupcakes which looked great.

The focus on Azure was interesting but not so useful for me as we don’t use this service at Opten. But the focus on Visual Studio 2013 was useful. Especially the last session which we attended named Visual Studio 2013 Tips and Tricks. There were some really handy tips.

The most useful and interesting session which I went to was named Http Services for modern client apps. This was presented by Filip Wojcieszyn and was all about ASP.NET Web Api. I had not heard of this Api before, but the aim is that it is a tool for building modern rest based services which treats HTTP as a first class citizen, not merely a transport protocol. Previously I have built a web service using WCF and SOAP. But this new ASP.NET Web Api looks much simpler and also very powerful. I was impressed with the support for all the HTTP verbs, PUT, POST etc. Also the way that routing can be implemented simply with attributes; with the helpers for returning appropriate http status codes; and the ability to expose an endpoint as an IQueryable. I hope to use this Api to build a web service in the near future and to write another blog about the practical implementation.


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