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OPTEN, das einzige Umbraco-zertifizierte Unternehmen der Schweiz

Heute startet Ana Hirsch ihr Abenteuer mit uns.

Wir heissen unsere neue Applikationsentwicklerin herzlich willkommen.

Ana Hirsch


Tell us shortly about you!

My name is Ana Hirsch and I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. After studies of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Ljubljana I moved to north of Sweden. There I lived and worked as a web application- and business system- developer for almost 5 years. Recently I followed my heart and moved to Switzerland to my life partner. Here I found OPTEN and the great opportunity to continue with my passion for application development. Currently I am also trying my very best to catch up with my German. I hope to soon understand and speak a lot more of Swiss German too!

So, can you speak Swedish?

Självklart! Jag gillar att lära mig nya språk. Jag hoppas bara att jag glömmer inte min svenska alldeles för fort. Därför blir jag jätte glad varje gång jag få prata svenska med någon. Men jag har hört att Matthias här hos OPTEN kan också prata svenska och det gjorde mig jätte lycklig! (Yes, of course! I love learning new languages. I just hope that I will not forget my Swedish too fast. That is why I become very glad every time I get to speak Swedish with someone. But I heard that Matthias here at OPTEN can also speak Swedish and that made me very happy! )

What inspires you?

There are a lot of different things that inspire me daily. I love to listen to music, appreciate art and enjoy being outdoors doing different sports. I also love writing good code and delivering great user experience. That is why I find myself reading a book or article about these topics regularly. Have I mentioned that I love to read? Least but not last, I get inspired by creative, active and positive people. I love to surround myself with them!


OPTEN sparked my interest instantly when I discovered them. They were the only Umbraco Certified Partner in Switzerland and that - besides other criteria - fits with my profile perfectly. After browsing through OPTEN's website, their references and reading about them, I told myself: this is where I want to work! So, here I am. (A big smile on my face…)